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Experiencing St Francis at the San Damiano Spirituality Centre, Singapore

Members of LDS had a retreat at the San Damiano Spirituality Centre in Singapore. Below is a sharing from MC about her retreat experience. 




The invitation to experience Francis at San Damiano was really good and insightful for me. Having mainly been exposed to the Ignatian ways and retreats; and with some exposure to the Carmelite spirituality, the Franciscan spirituality is a spirituality that I am least familiar with.


Ryan was a very good host who facilitated the experience very well. The short 24 hour experience provided me with a brief experience and encounter with Francis. For me, it became clear that the Ignatian, Carmelite and Franciscan spirituality are very similar; quoting Ryan "same flavour, different dish..."  The clear focus that we have to encounter the God who loved us first, to be able to know, love and serve Him became more apparent for me.


A couple of things stood out for me in the 24 hour experience. One was the invitation to enter into retreat, "into our caves" to encounter the God who is there in the darkness.  The other was the amazing depiction of Francis' life by Artist Kow Ling. Her artwork simply blew me away.