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Revisiting the Practice of Spiritual Direction

Sat 6 May 2017


It was nearly full house at a special session at Good Shepherd Oasis for a session animated by Sr Elizabeth Lim “Revisiting the Practice of Spiritual Direction” on Saturday 6 May.
Members were invited to reflect on their call and practice of spiritual. Sr Elizabeth challenged them to look deeper into what this ministry means to them and how current landscapes might impart this ministry.
Subsequently, with the help of the video “Mary of Nazareth” they were reminded how Jesus and Mary journeyed with others.

Pat D’Souza :
"Walking into the Oasis at the Good Shepherd Place yesterday truly set in place our "Revisit". It was a timely Revisit to the Practice of Spiritual Direction, made all the more special by the familiar furniture, pictures, quotes, all around. Being there together with so many fellow companions who have journeyed together over the years, completed the experience."
Sr Marilyn Lim :
"Indeed it was a homecoming... "huay liang jia". It was also timely that some of us had the joy of celebrating the Eucharist in the evening in chapel as it was the feast of the Good Shepherd."
Diana Koh :
"We learnt from Mary how and when to ponder, when not to speak, and her "here I am" to the God, which to me is even more of a blank cheque. And so much more…."‚Äč